Call for Submissions – The Whole Desolate Day

Dear prospective authors,

Little Lark Press is seeking poetry submissions for an anthology about addiction, titled The Whole Desolate Day, poems about addiction.

The Whole Desolate Day, poems about addiction will owe its entire success to you, the writer. We welcome poems from contributors of any age, economic background, race and creed.

It is with high hopes this anthology will be a source of inspiration for anyone familiar with addiction. The goal is to create an extraordinary body of work by ordinary people who either suffer, have suffered or know somebody who suffers from addiction. The scope of addiction is broad. We are willing to read work on any addiction, including but not limited to: drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, the internet, shopping, smoking, sex and love. If we missed something, we’d love to hear from you.

We can’t wait to read your sad, strange, disconnected, successful, hopeful, desolate, happy or utterly broken poems about your personal struggles.

1 comment
  1. Chidozie said:

    I will post some sonnet on this idea.

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